Use of Security Council against Pakistan

Pakistan has condemned the allegations made by the Afghan envoy against Pakistan at the Indian-led Security Council meeting. Foreign Office spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry said the Security Council platform was used for propaganda against Pakistan. Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Munir Akram, in a letter to the President of the Security Council, recorded the protest and said that Pakistan had been treated unfairly by failing to respond to the allegations made by the Afghan envoy. It considered decisions such as the deployment of peacekeepers for an armed conflict, the imposition and removal of trade, financial or defense sanctions on a state, and the fight against a state that threatens international peace in defiance of Security Council directives.

Five permanent and 10 non-permanent members are by majority vote. India has been a non-permanent member of the Security Council for two years. Under Security Council rules, the presidency is assigned to another country each month. Thus, throughout the year, the presidents of the Security Council change on a monthly basis. Pakistan respects the fact that India is the President of the Security Council. It is a sign of Pakistan’s adherence to international norms and good behavior. As soon as he takes over the presidency of the Security Council, the Indian envoy has been given various powers. As President, he has the right to approve the points on the Security Council’s agenda.

 Although they receive recommendations from the Secretary-General, the President has the authority to set the final agenda. The President of the Security Council has the legal authority to do so even if he does not want any particular issue to be included in the agenda, but in keeping with international diplomatic and political tradition, Biased sadly, in the first week of his tenure, India’s envoys have begun to appear biased. At a recent Security Council meeting, the Afghan envoy accused Pakistan of being involved in destabilizing his country. The Afghan envoy also accused Pakistan of supporting the Taliban. Pakistan wrote a letter to the President of the Security Council asking him to attend the meeting and respond to the allegations made by the Afghan envoy. Pakistan’s response to the allegations against it was in line with UN principles and traditions, but the Indian envoy to the Security Council rejected the request and gave Afghanistan a chance to take action against Pakistan and continue baseless and one-sided allegations.

Of course, there is a danger that Pakistan’s credibility and status will be affected by the unilateral approach to the international community interested in the Security Council’s action, which could be blamed on the President of the Security Council, who deliberately he made the international organization a source of propaganda against a peace loving country like Pakistan. Pakistan has made great sacrifices for peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan helped the Afghan people in every way to save them from the Soviet Union. When the United States imposed the war on terror, Pakistan was the only country to face a cut in aid and a number of financial problems. At that time, India sided with the US invading Afghanistan. Indian pilots continue to bomb Afghan civilians. India has hatched a nefarious plan to sour war-torn Afghanistan’s relations with neighboring Pakistan. India launched sabotage operations in Pakistan through its consulates. Ignoring the people of Afghanistan, the United States first elected Hamid Karzai and then Ashraf Ghani as president. These two gentlemen do not represent the Afghan people, so to date no credible electoral system has been formed in Afghanistan.

Representatives of the unelected government, deprived of the support of the Afghan people, are deliberately not acknowledging Pakistan’s sacrifices. Deprived of public support since the US withdrawal, the Afghan government has been confined to Kabul and a handful of other areas, with the Taliban occupying all other areas. Pakistan arranged talks between the United States and the Taliban. He persuaded the Taliban to hold intra-Afghan talks with the Afghan government and other groups. Remember that these are all services that the Ashraf Ghani government and its international supporters are incapable of performing. Had Pakistan not played this role, Afghanistan would still be a battleground for foreign forces. India’s problem is that it fears that pro-Pakistan forces will become stronger in Afghanistan in the form of the Taliban. This fear has made him so anxious that he is ready to stake his responsible position. The permanent members of the Security Council and the Secretary-General must take into account Pakistan’s position and prevent India from harming Pakistan by taking advantage of its position in the Security Council.

International human rights organizations visit IIOJK

Human rights issues in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir are on the rise, but inter-agency organizations are not paying as much attention to this human tragedy as they should. The role of Western countries and international organizations in the West in this regard is more regrettable as they take a hard line on every small incident that happens in Pakistan, Iran or other Muslim countries but on the side of India their statements on the decades-long atrocities in Occupied Kashmir are merely a hoax. In such a case, people in Muslim countries not only have mistrust in their hearts towards Western countries and their institutions, but they also begin to consider these countries and institutions as enemies of Muslims, and the attitude of Western countries. And the sentiments of the Muslim masses that have arisen in response to the atrocities perpetrated against Muslims by the institutions are not unique.

While the policy of Western countries and their institutions not to raise their voice for unarmed and oppressed Kashmir in the occupied valley or not to take concrete steps against India is offensive to all Muslim nations in general and to the people of Pakistan in particular. And the fact that their organizations are worried about occupied Kashmir is also a source of great satisfaction for Pakistan. A similar consolation has recently been provided by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) Independent Permanent Commission on Human Rights (IPHRC) whose 13-member delegation on the occasion of the completion of two years of curfew in occupied Kashmir. The delegation that arrived in Pakistan on August 4 also wanted to visit occupied Kashmir but India did not allow it, which was regretted by the members of the delegation. The members of the delegation visited various parts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and the Line of Control (LOC) to take stock of the situation.

The IPHRC delegation visited the LOC in Muzaffarabad on Friday where they were briefed on Indian firing and loss of life. On Saturday, the delegation members visited the LOC’s Chari Kot sector where they were given a detailed briefing by the Armed Forces Public Relations (ISPR) on the security environment around the LOC. The ISPR briefed the delegation in detail about various arrangements including construction of community bunkers to save the citizens from hostile firing across the border. The OIC delegation also held talks with the victims of Indian unprovoked firing, members of the Village Defense Committees and the civil administration. The delegation thanked the Pakistan Army for providing an opportunity to know the ground realities and the situation on the LOC. A delegation of OIC officials from Malaysia, Morocco, Turkey, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates said that the visit and the ISPR briefing had helped us to have a real understanding of the situation at the LOC. Ahmed Azam of Malaysia said he met the victims and listened to them. The Indian government is committing serious human rights violations but the international community is not punishing it. These violations should be highlighted because the massacre and suffering of Kashmiris is real. Dr Saeed Mohammad Abdullah, Chairman, IPHCR, United Arab Emirates (UAE), said the visit was important as it came after a dangerous decision by India. We believe that this decision violates the human rights of our brothers and sisters in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and will change the proportion of the population in the Occupied Territories. Representatives of Morocco, Turkey and Azerbaijan said that we express solidarity with Kashmiris and we will spread their voice all over the world as far as possible.

Meanwhile, Pakistani Foreign Office spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry welcomed the statement of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Occupied Kashmir in which he called on India’s Permanent Representative to India T.S. Responding to Trimurti’s statement on occupied Kashmir, he said that our position on Kashmir was fully established and had not changed. In a press conference, TS Trimurti had declared Indian-occupied Kashmir as his integral part. Zahid Hafeez said that the UN statement came two years after the Indian illegal move on August 5 and refuted India’s position on Kashmir that occupied Kashmir is part of India. The Foreign Office spokesman reiterated Pakistan’s position that Jammu and Kashmir was never part of India and never will be. In the face of Kashmiris’ determination, India will finally have to make its mark. He clarified that Indian-occupied Kashmir is an internationally recognized dispute. Kashmir is the longest-running issue on the Security Council’s agenda and India will have to deliver on its promises to the international community.

The issue of Occupied Kashmir is one of the issues for Pakistan without which Pakistan can never sit with India. In this regard, Pakistan’s position in various international forums not only informs the world about its position on the Occupied Territories, but also makes the world aware that India’s expansionist ambitions are conducive to peace and security in the region. How are obstacles being created in the establishment of the visit of the IPHRC delegation is indeed very important to understand Pakistan’s position on Occupied Kashmir and to know about the atrocities being inflicted on the Kashmiri people by India? Similarly, the statement of the UN Secretary General endorsing Pakistan’s position on Occupied Kashmir is also very important. The Foreign Office should ask all international human rights organizations around the world to visit the self-occupied valley to review the human rights violations committed by India there so that they are aware of the real situation.

Pakistan Independence Day and its requirements

The month of August brings a message of joy and happiness. The moon and stars are seen waving green flags everywhere. The sun of August 14, 1947 rose with the promise of freedom for the Muslims of the subcontinent. Achieving independence was not an easy task as it may seem today.The tragic story of Bahadar Shah Zafar is an everlasting story of our history of freedom and liberty. The tragic events of the War of Independence of 1857 are also a link in the same chain. The Muslim governments in the subcontinent came to an end one after the other as a result of the betrayals of the British.

What a beautiful thing Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said: Pakistan was established here on the same day; the day the first person in the subcontinent became Muslim: the fact is that the Muslims of the subcontinent did not recognize incidents of hatred and revolt against the British and their system came to the fore from time to time. The great sacrifices made by the Muslims of the subcontinent and the unprecedented struggle for the overthrow of British rule. This is a clear demonstration of his unwavering faith and belief in Islam and the two-nation ideology. As a result of these sacrifices and constant struggle, Pakistan was finally established. When we look at the history of the Tehreek-e-Pakistan, the most striking thing in this historical struggle is that the Muslims insisted on their separate Islamic identity. His aim and purpose was to form a system of life based on pure Islamic lines by rebelling against the oppressive and slavish system. This was repeatedly expressed by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his speeches and discourses. During the Tehreek-e-Pakistan, in the corners of the subcontinent: Pakistan will remain.. If you are a Muslim, then join the Muslim League. And what does Pakistan mean? La ilaha illa Allah: These slogans were echoed everywhere from Khyber to Kashmore. These slogans were the true expressions of the heartfelt sentiments of the Muslims of the subcontinent. Then, after the departure of the British, they were forever enslaved by the Hindus. He wanted to get rid of all forms of imperialism. The greatest sacrifice could have been made to achieve this goal, but he did not like to retreat from this goal. Today, 72 years have passed since Pakistan was formed. Not so long ago but still when we look at the history of the past years we are amazed. Take any field such as education, culture, court, economy, society, and politics. They are suffering from slavery and imitation. In fact, every writer, when he starts writing or a speaker, preacher speaks his mind, he speaks of Islam. It declares Islam to be a complete code of conduct and also states that Islam encompasses all spheres of life but as a whole the majority of the nation is engaged in imitating others in all spheres of life and our rulers are all in this regard. After all, what is the reason that we have not been able to raise our Muslim identity? In trade and commerce, they have adopted the same methods as the imperialist and European nations. The various modern forms of usury and gambling continue unabated. It is a matter of shame that our rulers are reluctant to include Europe’s favorite personalities and subjects in the curriculum by extracting jihadi verses and references to Islamic celebrities from the textbooks to please and dictate America and Europe. There is no work without bribery. Due to nepotism and recommendation, competent and talented people are ignored. Even the state of government and politics, just don’t ask anything. Many will be found, but hardly any of those who provide opportunities for democracy to flourish will be found. Look at the extent of our misfortune that the people are deprived of even basic human rights. Civil liberties are restricted. Freedom of speech has been repeatedly taken away. Various restrictions have been imposed on the press. The biggest misfortune of Pakistan has been that the army has repeatedly intervened here and imposed martial law and every time the constitution has been violated. Unfortunately, the present government is also following in their footsteps instead of learning from the past. Pakistan is currently facing many internal and external threats. Terrorism and unrest are the biggest challenges.

The common man is in dire straits due to inflation, unemployment and energy crisis. Whether the rulers are past or present, they make big claims and promises, but sadly in terms of performance, their graph is between nineteen and twenty. August 14 is the day of renewal. Anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan elements continue to make their nefarious attempts to weaken and hollow out our ideological foundations.

O people of the homeland! Let us work together to establish the society that is desired by Islam in our dear homeland. The promise of the establishment of Pakistan was heard in Tehreek-e-Pakistan. What are the requirements to make Pakistan a real Pakistan? Until they are fulfilled we will continue to suffer from the same problems and difficulties. To bring eternal peace and tranquility to the souls of the leaders and workers who are struggling for Tehreek-e-Pakistan; to make Pakistan the cradle of Islam day and night for the betterment of the world and the hereafter Work. This is the message of Independence Day for all of us.

How can we save ourselves from lockdown in presence of Corona?

The corona virus from India, known as the Delta variant, has caused a fourth wave of Corona in Pakistan. Information about the Delta variant so far suggests that it is more dangerous than other forms of the Corona virus and has a greater potential to infect humans. Corona is currently spreading rapidly in Pakistan due to the Delta variant. Among many other causes of the spread of this epidemic, one of the major reasons is the attitude of the people. Many people, while believing the conspiracy theories to be true, either deny the existence of the Corona virus and the epidemic that spreads it, or say that it was created by Western countries and various institutions and through it they spread to the world. Want to gain control. One theory is that vaccines against the Corona virus are harmful to humans. Believing this theory, many people are not getting vaccinated, which is increasing the problems. In this situation, the government is constantly appealing to the people for cooperation. This is because the epidemic cannot be completely controlled without public support. In the countries of the world where the epidemic has been contained, the people, in full cooperation with their governments, have ensured strict implementation of the Precautionary Measures (SOPs).

To make the public aware of the importance of SOPs and to inform them about the fourth wave of Corona, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday also spoke in this regard while answering the questions of the people directly on the telephone. He said that the fourth wave of Corona has come in Pakistan, Indian type of Corona virus is very dangerous. If there is a lockdown, where will the wage earners and the working class go? We have saved our economy and our people by making the right decisions. We can never destroy our economy by lockdown. Commenting on the decision of the Sindh government regarding the lockout, Imran Khan said that you will keep the people hungry by doing a complete lockdown. If we want to lock down, we have to look the other way. The Prime Minister’s position on locking is correct that it affects the life of the common man badly and has a negative impact on the economy, but it should also be noted that the epidemic due to non-lock It will not spread so much that we will not be able to control its effects later.

Currently, the prevalence of Corona in Pakistan is such that the number of people affected by it has once again reached 5,000 per day. The epidemic also killed 62 people in 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday. The total number of deaths due to corona in Pakistan has reached about 23,000 while the number of active cases in the country is currently around 70,000. The rate of positive cases across the country has reached 8.82%. The total number of people infected with the corona virus across the country has exceeded one and a half million. According to the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC), more than 23 million people have been vaccinated against the first corona virus and so far more than 6.3 million people have received both doses of the corona vaccine. On Sunday, Asad Omar, the federal minister for planning and head of the NCOC, said in figures released on the social networking site Twitter that the number of vaccinators in the country was increasing rapidly and last week. A record increase was seen in this regard during the six days.

In order to control the corona epidemic, the issuance of boarding passes for domestic air travel has been made conditional on the corona vaccine. The decision to make the certificate mandatory was implemented and the process of checking the Corona Vaccine Certificate of the passengers at the special counters was started. A PIA spokesman said passengers must be vaccinated with at least one dose of the vaccine for air travel, and passengers under the age of 18 are exempt from the CRONA certificate. Similarly, the Punjab government is taking several steps to curb the spread of Corona epidemic. In this regard, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar said that by following SOPs, citizens can make not only themselves but also others safe. Vaccination is most effective in this regard. The number of patients is increasing due to the fourth wave of Corona. God willing, if the rate of positive cases increases further, smart lockdown may have to be applied again. When the Sindh government imposed a lockdown in view of the delicate situation, the Center took a firm stand on it. Even today, the Prime Minister is interpreting the lockdown as a disaster for the economy. If there was a lockdown in Sindh, there was no other choice. Things are getting better there now. Other provinces have to do their best to avoid such situations.

The Indian delta variant, which caused the fourth wave of corona virus in Pakistan, is said to cause the epidemic to spread 60% faster than the British variant. The people should cooperate with the government in this regard to ensure that the situation does not deteriorate to such an extent that the government has to decide to lock up. In the case of lockouts, the biggest losers are those who work for a daily wage and those who work in small businesses. Scholars, teachers and writers should also consider it their duty in the current situation not only to educate the public about the epidemic but also to explain to them the importance of following government guidelines to stop its spread.

Fifteen days later, petroleum prices rise again

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Affairs Dr Shahbaz Gul has said that petrol price is being increased by Rs .71 per liter. The other day, he tweeted his message on Twitter and said that according to the data of July 26, the price of petrol in 27 countries of the world is lower than Pakistan and in 140 countries it is higher than Pakistan. According to him, the average price of petrol in the world is 19 1.19 per liter. He said that the prices of petroleum products in the world increased by 47% while in Pakistan it increased by 11%. Now, on the recommendation of OGRA, the price of petrol is being increased by 71 paisa per liter with effect from August 1. He said that increase in diesel prices affected the common man and farmers more so its rates were not increased. Now, after the increase in petrol price, it has been fixed at Rs 119.80 per liter.

On the other hand, the price of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) has also been increased by Rs 10 per kg, which was announced by Irfan Khokhar, Chairman, LPG Dealers Association. After this increase, the price of LPG has gone up to Rs. 180 per kg and the domestic cylinder has gone up to Rs. 2,110. Similarly, Lahore Atta Chakki Association has also agreed to increase the rates of threshing and cleaning of wheat by Rs. 100 per man. Thus, the cost of threshing a bushel of wheat alone has gone up to Rs. 500. It is pertinent to mention here that just 15 days ago, on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha on July 15, the prices of petroleum products were increased unbearably for the common man. At present, petrol price has been increased by Rs 5.40 per liter and diesel by Rs 2.54 per liter, while kerosene prices have been increased by Rs 1.39 per liter and LPG by Rs 5 per kg. Credit was given to the then Prime Minister Imran Khan for rejecting the summary of OGRA’s petrol price hike of Rs 11.41 per liter to save the people from the high burden of inflation. Announcing the increase in petroleum prices, the PTI is crediting the government for the fact that prices of petroleum products in 140 countries are still higher than in Pakistan. If they could at the same time compare the per capita income of these countries and the facilities provided to their citizens by the state with that of Pakistan, then the plight of the people of this dear country, which is suffering from rising inflation and many other problems.

More troubling for the people is the fact that the PTI leadership has blamed the former rulers for the demise of the country’s economy as a result of incompetence and corruption, being entangled in IMF loans and the people’s poverty, inflation and unemployment. He had won the mandate of the federal and provincial government on the basis of loud claims and heartfelt slogans to rid the people of these problems by propagating that the problems of the people were getting worse and worse. There was no relief in the problems but as a result of the government’s fiscal policies these problems became more serious and the people were practically buried alive. It is a fact that during the three years of the PTI government, the dollar has seen a surge in the value of the Pakistani currency and inflation has skyrocketed to seven heights, mainly due to electricity, gas and petroleum. The prices of products are increasing day by day while due to the weakness of government governance, various mafias have also resorted to setting artificial prices of flour, sugar, oil and medicines and setting arbitrary prices. And so on. Government-controlled utility stores also gradually rose in price and left no stone unturned in robbing the people with both hands. Fifteen days ago, the increase in the prices of petroleum products was justified in the global market. If our rates are determined according to the global market rates, then last year, even due to the Corona epidemic, the global petroleum prices had reached zero and negative, which would have made petrol available to our citizens free of cost. It should have, but falling petroleum prices in the global market do not affect our country’s prices at all. Even now the price of crude oil in the world market is 73 73.95 per barrel which is much lower than the petroleum prices of two years ago but the petroleum prices in our country have been increasing gradually while now every fortnight the prices of petroleum products and LPG The increase has been made compulsory. This, in essence, gives the impression that the government is pursuing a policy of gradually increasing the burden of inflation on the people, not on the basis of world market petroleum prices, but in accordance with the terms and conditions dictated by the IMF.

Of course, the government is satisfied that the scattered opposition lined up against each other is not capable of launching an anti-government movement.

Residents of Bajaur pay homage to AC Khar for ensuring normal fares during Eid holidays

KHAR: Residents of Bajaur Tribal District have paid tributes to Assistant Commissioner Khar Fazal Ur Rahim for ensuring normal fares during Eid holidays as he promptly acted on the complaints of passengers coming to their homes for celebrating Eidul Azha with their families. He himself remained on road for checking the vehicles and arrested several drivers found guilty of overcharging the passengers.
Since his posting to Bajaur Fazal Ur Rahim has been struggling to ensure rule of law in this region, which has remained without law since creation of Pakistan, a state created with the promise of rule of constitution and law.

Before Eid, the mood of passengers and transporters started started changing. Vehicles plying on different highways from Bajaur increased fares by 30 to 60 percent. AC Fazal Rahim acted on demands of passengers.

In the scorching heat, while fulfilling his responsibilities, he arrested a number of drivers and sent them to jail.

The people of Bajaur paid homage to AC Bajaur and demanded similar actions.

On special occasions, people want to spend more time with their families. This is exactly what the transport owners are cashing on.

A passenger wanted to reach home in as soon as possible to spend time of Eid with his family. For this purpose, he was ready to pay any price.

“Every year I pay double the actual rates,” he claimed, adding that this time he paid Rs1,000 to travel.

AC Khar clarified that their camp was set up at Jinnah Bus Terminal and they were constantly penalising transporters charging higher rates.

Cavid-19: Caution and timely decisions are essential

In view of the increasing cases of Corona epidemic, the government is seriously considering implementing SOPs. Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health, said last day that the help of Pakistan Army could be sought for these measures. The rapid rise in the number of new cases of corona epidemic in recent days is undoubtedly a cause for concern, while the type of corona that has caused catastrophic conditions in India is a cause for concern. Therefore, precautionary measures should be taken to ensure compliance. Pakistan’s strategy to deal with the corona epidemic is valued in the world. Pakistan ranks third with a score of 84.4, according to a recent Economist Magazine ranking of 50 countries recovering from the Corona epidemic.

The first two countries are Hong Kong and New Zealand, respectively, while China and the United States are ranked 19th and 20th respectively. Proper and timely measures to deal with the epidemic are fundamentally important for overcoming the negative effects of the epidemic on the economy and society. So far, Pakistan has been successful in this regard, but since the threat of the epidemic is not yet over, Instead of being complacent about past performance, the tradition of adopting the right strategy to deal with the situation and potential concerns should be continued. In this regard, precautionary measures are of paramount importance. Failure to take precautionary measures will spread the epidemic. Therefore, a uniform policy should be formulated in this regard. With the increase in epidemic cases, emphasis should be laid on compliance with SOPs and neglect of all precautions while reducing the incidence of epidemics in itself. Therefore, there is a need to continue the practice of using masks, washing hands frequently and keeping social distance, so that the government realizes the importance of these measures in the face of increasing epidemic cases. No need to worry. Aside from the SOPs, the most important step that can be taken to help protect against corona is corona vaccination.

But despite all the steps taken, we are still at a very early stage; therefore, there is a need to increase the number and facilities of vaccination centers so that more and more people can get the corona vaccine easily and quickly. But rumors and propaganda are creating a huge obstacle in this matter which the government needs to pay immediate and full attention to. For this, the media must be used fully and effectively. Legal action against those who spread negative propaganda and rumors is also necessary and steps can be taken at the level of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to help prevent rumors about corona vaccination. Hotels, restaurants Corona vaccination should be made mandatory in transport, private and government offices. Just as the use of masks in public places has been made mandatory to make masks a part of public awareness and expressed through graphics and writing, a similar strategy has been adopted for public awareness of the corona vaccine. In this case, the suspicion and delusion of the people can be dispelled. Until the corona vaccine was available, precautionary measures were the only way to protect against this disease, but now that the vaccine is available, if we still have this epidemic. If we cannot succeed in stopping the spread of, it will be due to utter negligence and failure. Special arrangements will also be required keeping in view the increase in public traffic on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha. Safety measures in cattle markets, markets and transport should not be neglected these days. This year, during the Eid-ul-Fitr days, although the epidemic situation in the country was severe and an average of 3,000 new cases were emerging daily, the spread of the epidemic was stopped by adopting a better strategy during the Eid days.

Thus, after Eid-ul-Fitr, the incidence of the epidemic began to gradually decrease. Undoubtedly, this was the result of timely and comprehensive precautionary measures which significantly curbed the possibility of the spread of the epidemic. We should also keep in mind the increase in the number of cases after Eid-ul-Fitr last year, which was the result of significant relaxation and lack of seriousness in security measures in those days; This year’s strategy and its consequences, as well as this year’s, should make it easier for them to decide from this data that when SOPs were unnecessarily relaxed, the spread of the epidemic increased rapidly. In contrast, during the second week of May this year, when the number of cases was at its highest, however, the responsible attitude towards SOPs on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr proved decisive in bringing down the epidemic graph.

Afghan conflict: US Secretary of State’s contact with Pakistan

Eventually, US officials decided to maintain high-level contacts with Pakistan, and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi to discuss Afghan issues. Anthony Blinken assured that the United States would continue its support for peace in Afghanistan, regional stability and the elimination of Corona.

The telephone conversation between the foreign ministers of the two countries is important in the sense that Anthony Blanken had earlier ordered Prime Minister Imran Khan to speak instead of the foreign minister, to which Pakistani officials assured him that the prime minister will speak with the US president only. Blanken should talk to his counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi. US officials persisted in their decision not to contact Pakistan for several weeks, but as the situation in Afghanistan changed, the United States had to change its approach and contact Pakistan in accordance with diplomatic protocol. The United States has been part of the Afghan conflict for the past 45 years.

The United States used Afghanistan as a battlefield to overthrow the Soviet Union. Pakistan’s role in this war was of a fundamental nature, which the United States put in the swing of Charlie Wilson and the CIA after the victory. Pakistan received gifts like refugees, drugs, weapons and professional differences during this period. Had the Afghan Taliban not emerged under Mullah Omar’s leadership, Pakistan would have been further affected by the negative effects coming from Afghanistan. The Taliban under Mullah Omar’s leadership rendered ineffective the factions fighting for power in Afghanistan.

The Taliban ended the insurgency on the Pak-Afghan border. He was recognized by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, but the rest of the world ignored Afghanistan and the Taliban and went about their business. The Taliban were not responsible for the 9/11 attacks. When the Taliban refused to hand over Osama bin Laden at the request of the United States, the United States invaded with 30 countries. It was a strong position of a poor and weak country according to its traditions which the United States failed to change. The rest of history is that the United States came to Afghanistan with an agenda to fight terrorism but after the death of Osama bin Laden. Instead of going back, he started a new plan with India against China and Pakistan. The United States announced its withdrawal from Afghanistan for the first time by 2014. President Trump announced his withdrawal during his tenure when no significant arrangements were made for his return. Pakistan persuaded the Afghan Taliban to negotiate first with the United States and then with the Afghan government. When the United States was killing innocent children and Afghan citizens in the name of the war on terror, it was Pakistan that took the position that the war in the Afghan conflict was not the solution. The US ignored Pakistan and planned to protect its interests in Afghanistan through India. The plan failed due to unrealistic expectations.

The Taliban are claiming control of 85 percent of Afghanistan. The Taliban have seized control of the border areas with Tajikistan and Iran. There are recent reports that Afghan security forces are surrendering in many parts of Kandahar. The Taliban are also saying this. No external force should interfere in Afghanistan. The Taliban have adopted a better strategy of maintaining regular contact with China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan. The Taliban have promised to protect the diplomatic staff of various countries.

US experts familiar with Pakistan and Afghanistan have been advising President Joe Biden to speak to the Pakistani leadership himself. A few days ago, Senator Lance Graham warned President Biden that ignoring Pakistan during its withdrawal from Afghanistan could lead to disaster. Recently, an American journalist asked Prime Minister Imran Khan during an interview what If he wanted to contact President Biden, the prime minister’s response was in line with diplomatic and national dignity that Biden could call him whenever he had time. If the US role after the withdrawal was based on detachment, the consequences could be many.

Organizations like ISIS can make their home in Afghanistan, not only the countries of the region but also American interests can be insecure. The United States should persuade the Afghan government to take advantage of the Taliban’s offer of power-sharing. President Ashraf Ghani and his allies are deliberately creating an environment in which the Taliban can invade Kabul and shed human blood. The Taliban have so far handled matters with restraint and wisdom. The United States has negotiated with them and recognized them as a legal force. If a new political system is introduced in Afghanistan under the leadership of the Taliban, then the United States, the United Nations and NATO should recognize it so that the world can get rid of an old armed conflict.

Central President of VOP Journalists Union Azra Mehar Greets All Members on Successful Inauguration of Punjab Office

Central President of Voice of Pakistan Journalists Union (Registered) Madam Azra Mehar has stated that her team is her pride.  Team of sincere journalists is not less than a blessing.  No one is a lone leader as he becomes a leader by himself.  “Congratulations to the whole team.  Congratulations to all of you.  It is a matter of great honor for your union and I hope you all will continue to work like this and inshAllah very soon you will all be successful as a successful team,” she stated in a statement shared in the group of the Union.

Meanwhile, the Lahore team of the Voice of Pakistan Journalists Union led by Central President Madam Azra Mehar visited the inauguration of the Punjab office of the Voice of Pakistan Journalists Union. District President Madam Noshin Rana, Tehsil President Phol Shafiq, District General Secretary Reza Zaidi, Member Shabir Hussain participated in the event which was fully attended by journalist friends from all over the country.

Voice of Pakistan Journalists Union is an important platform for spreading the truth as this is the truth that our real Creator is Just One Allah. This is the place of those journalists, who never compromise on truth. We shall become real Voice of Pakistan as this state has been created in the name of Islam.We shall always keep the honestly our best policy. All genuine journalists are welcome as this our aim to gather journalists on one platform. Through unity we can achieve which positive charge in Pakistan

The Lahore team of the Voice of Pakistan Journalists Union led by Central President Madam Ezra Mehar visited the inauguration of the Punjab office of the Voice of Pakistan Journalists Union. District President Madam Noshin Rana, Tehsil President Phol Shafiq, District General Secretary Reza Zaidi, Member Shabir Hussain participated in the event which was fully attended by journalist friends from all over the country.