Residents of Bajaur pay homage to AC Khar for ensuring normal fares during Eid holidays

KHAR: Residents of Bajaur Tribal District have paid tributes to Assistant Commissioner Khar Fazal Ur Rahim for ensuring normal fares during Eid holidays as he promptly acted on the complaints of passengers coming to their homes for celebrating Eidul Azha with their families. He himself remained on road for checking the vehicles and arrested several drivers found guilty of overcharging the passengers.
Since his posting to Bajaur Fazal Ur Rahim has been struggling to ensure rule of law in this region, which has remained without law since creation of Pakistan, a state created with the promise of rule of constitution and law.

Before Eid, the mood of passengers and transporters started started changing. Vehicles plying on different highways from Bajaur increased fares by 30 to 60 percent. AC Fazal Rahim acted on demands of passengers.

In the scorching heat, while fulfilling his responsibilities, he arrested a number of drivers and sent them to jail.

The people of Bajaur paid homage to AC Bajaur and demanded similar actions.

On special occasions, people want to spend more time with their families. This is exactly what the transport owners are cashing on.

A passenger wanted to reach home in as soon as possible to spend time of Eid with his family. For this purpose, he was ready to pay any price.

“Every year I pay double the actual rates,” he claimed, adding that this time he paid Rs1,000 to travel.

AC Khar clarified that their camp was set up at Jinnah Bus Terminal and they were constantly penalising transporters charging higher rates.

Cavid-19: Caution and timely decisions are essential

In view of the increasing cases of Corona epidemic, the government is seriously considering implementing SOPs. Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health, said last day that the help of Pakistan Army could be sought for these measures. The rapid rise in the number of new cases of corona epidemic in recent days is undoubtedly a cause for concern, while the type of corona that has caused catastrophic conditions in India is a cause for concern. Therefore, precautionary measures should be taken to ensure compliance. Pakistan’s strategy to deal with the corona epidemic is valued in the world. Pakistan ranks third with a score of 84.4, according to a recent Economist Magazine ranking of 50 countries recovering from the Corona epidemic.

The first two countries are Hong Kong and New Zealand, respectively, while China and the United States are ranked 19th and 20th respectively. Proper and timely measures to deal with the epidemic are fundamentally important for overcoming the negative effects of the epidemic on the economy and society. So far, Pakistan has been successful in this regard, but since the threat of the epidemic is not yet over, Instead of being complacent about past performance, the tradition of adopting the right strategy to deal with the situation and potential concerns should be continued. In this regard, precautionary measures are of paramount importance. Failure to take precautionary measures will spread the epidemic. Therefore, a uniform policy should be formulated in this regard. With the increase in epidemic cases, emphasis should be laid on compliance with SOPs and neglect of all precautions while reducing the incidence of epidemics in itself. Therefore, there is a need to continue the practice of using masks, washing hands frequently and keeping social distance, so that the government realizes the importance of these measures in the face of increasing epidemic cases. No need to worry. Aside from the SOPs, the most important step that can be taken to help protect against corona is corona vaccination.

But despite all the steps taken, we are still at a very early stage; therefore, there is a need to increase the number and facilities of vaccination centers so that more and more people can get the corona vaccine easily and quickly. But rumors and propaganda are creating a huge obstacle in this matter which the government needs to pay immediate and full attention to. For this, the media must be used fully and effectively. Legal action against those who spread negative propaganda and rumors is also necessary and steps can be taken at the level of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to help prevent rumors about corona vaccination. Hotels, restaurants Corona vaccination should be made mandatory in transport, private and government offices. Just as the use of masks in public places has been made mandatory to make masks a part of public awareness and expressed through graphics and writing, a similar strategy has been adopted for public awareness of the corona vaccine. In this case, the suspicion and delusion of the people can be dispelled. Until the corona vaccine was available, precautionary measures were the only way to protect against this disease, but now that the vaccine is available, if we still have this epidemic. If we cannot succeed in stopping the spread of, it will be due to utter negligence and failure. Special arrangements will also be required keeping in view the increase in public traffic on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha. Safety measures in cattle markets, markets and transport should not be neglected these days. This year, during the Eid-ul-Fitr days, although the epidemic situation in the country was severe and an average of 3,000 new cases were emerging daily, the spread of the epidemic was stopped by adopting a better strategy during the Eid days.

Thus, after Eid-ul-Fitr, the incidence of the epidemic began to gradually decrease. Undoubtedly, this was the result of timely and comprehensive precautionary measures which significantly curbed the possibility of the spread of the epidemic. We should also keep in mind the increase in the number of cases after Eid-ul-Fitr last year, which was the result of significant relaxation and lack of seriousness in security measures in those days; This year’s strategy and its consequences, as well as this year’s, should make it easier for them to decide from this data that when SOPs were unnecessarily relaxed, the spread of the epidemic increased rapidly. In contrast, during the second week of May this year, when the number of cases was at its highest, however, the responsible attitude towards SOPs on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr proved decisive in bringing down the epidemic graph.

Afghan conflict: US Secretary of State’s contact with Pakistan

Eventually, US officials decided to maintain high-level contacts with Pakistan, and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi to discuss Afghan issues. Anthony Blinken assured that the United States would continue its support for peace in Afghanistan, regional stability and the elimination of Corona.

The telephone conversation between the foreign ministers of the two countries is important in the sense that Anthony Blanken had earlier ordered Prime Minister Imran Khan to speak instead of the foreign minister, to which Pakistani officials assured him that the prime minister will speak with the US president only. Blanken should talk to his counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi. US officials persisted in their decision not to contact Pakistan for several weeks, but as the situation in Afghanistan changed, the United States had to change its approach and contact Pakistan in accordance with diplomatic protocol. The United States has been part of the Afghan conflict for the past 45 years.

The United States used Afghanistan as a battlefield to overthrow the Soviet Union. Pakistan’s role in this war was of a fundamental nature, which the United States put in the swing of Charlie Wilson and the CIA after the victory. Pakistan received gifts like refugees, drugs, weapons and professional differences during this period. Had the Afghan Taliban not emerged under Mullah Omar’s leadership, Pakistan would have been further affected by the negative effects coming from Afghanistan. The Taliban under Mullah Omar’s leadership rendered ineffective the factions fighting for power in Afghanistan.

The Taliban ended the insurgency on the Pak-Afghan border. He was recognized by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, but the rest of the world ignored Afghanistan and the Taliban and went about their business. The Taliban were not responsible for the 9/11 attacks. When the Taliban refused to hand over Osama bin Laden at the request of the United States, the United States invaded with 30 countries. It was a strong position of a poor and weak country according to its traditions which the United States failed to change. The rest of history is that the United States came to Afghanistan with an agenda to fight terrorism but after the death of Osama bin Laden. Instead of going back, he started a new plan with India against China and Pakistan. The United States announced its withdrawal from Afghanistan for the first time by 2014. President Trump announced his withdrawal during his tenure when no significant arrangements were made for his return. Pakistan persuaded the Afghan Taliban to negotiate first with the United States and then with the Afghan government. When the United States was killing innocent children and Afghan citizens in the name of the war on terror, it was Pakistan that took the position that the war in the Afghan conflict was not the solution. The US ignored Pakistan and planned to protect its interests in Afghanistan through India. The plan failed due to unrealistic expectations.

The Taliban are claiming control of 85 percent of Afghanistan. The Taliban have seized control of the border areas with Tajikistan and Iran. There are recent reports that Afghan security forces are surrendering in many parts of Kandahar. The Taliban are also saying this. No external force should interfere in Afghanistan. The Taliban have adopted a better strategy of maintaining regular contact with China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan. The Taliban have promised to protect the diplomatic staff of various countries.

US experts familiar with Pakistan and Afghanistan have been advising President Joe Biden to speak to the Pakistani leadership himself. A few days ago, Senator Lance Graham warned President Biden that ignoring Pakistan during its withdrawal from Afghanistan could lead to disaster. Recently, an American journalist asked Prime Minister Imran Khan during an interview what If he wanted to contact President Biden, the prime minister’s response was in line with diplomatic and national dignity that Biden could call him whenever he had time. If the US role after the withdrawal was based on detachment, the consequences could be many.

Organizations like ISIS can make their home in Afghanistan, not only the countries of the region but also American interests can be insecure. The United States should persuade the Afghan government to take advantage of the Taliban’s offer of power-sharing. President Ashraf Ghani and his allies are deliberately creating an environment in which the Taliban can invade Kabul and shed human blood. The Taliban have so far handled matters with restraint and wisdom. The United States has negotiated with them and recognized them as a legal force. If a new political system is introduced in Afghanistan under the leadership of the Taliban, then the United States, the United Nations and NATO should recognize it so that the world can get rid of an old armed conflict.

Central President of VOP Journalists Union Azra Mehar Greets All Members on Successful Inauguration of Punjab Office

Central President of Voice of Pakistan Journalists Union (Registered) Madam Azra Mehar has stated that her team is her pride.  Team of sincere journalists is not less than a blessing.  No one is a lone leader as he becomes a leader by himself.  “Congratulations to the whole team.  Congratulations to all of you.  It is a matter of great honor for your union and I hope you all will continue to work like this and inshAllah very soon you will all be successful as a successful team,” she stated in a statement shared in the group of the Union.

Meanwhile, the Lahore team of the Voice of Pakistan Journalists Union led by Central President Madam Azra Mehar visited the inauguration of the Punjab office of the Voice of Pakistan Journalists Union. District President Madam Noshin Rana, Tehsil President Phol Shafiq, District General Secretary Reza Zaidi, Member Shabir Hussain participated in the event which was fully attended by journalist friends from all over the country.

Voice of Pakistan Journalists Union is an important platform for spreading the truth as this is the truth that our real Creator is Just One Allah. This is the place of those journalists, who never compromise on truth. We shall become real Voice of Pakistan as this state has been created in the name of Islam.We shall always keep the honestly our best policy. All genuine journalists are welcome as this our aim to gather journalists on one platform. Through unity we can achieve which positive charge in Pakistan

The Lahore team of the Voice of Pakistan Journalists Union led by Central President Madam Ezra Mehar visited the inauguration of the Punjab office of the Voice of Pakistan Journalists Union. District President Madam Noshin Rana, Tehsil President Phol Shafiq, District General Secretary Reza Zaidi, Member Shabir Hussain participated in the event which was fully attended by journalist friends from all over the country.

Pakistan, US stress close coordination for meaningful progress in Afghan peace process

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi Friday received a telephone call from US Secretary of State Antony J Blinken, wherein the two sides stressed the need for continuing close coordination and cooperation to ensure meaningful progress in the Afghan peace process.

Both the sides discussed bilateral relations and important developments in the region, according to Foreign Office statement.

On bilateral relations, the foreign minister emphasized Pakistan’s commitment to forging a broad-based, long-term and sustainable relationship with the United States that was anchored in deep economic cooperation, regional connectivity and peace in the region.

He highlighted Pakistan’s focus on geo-economics as per the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan and reiterated the importance of enhancing economic, trade and investment ties between Pakistan and the United States.

As regards the situation in Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Qureshi stressed that there was a fundamental convergence between Pakistan and the United States on the need for a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan.

He highlighted the steps Pakistan had taken in support of the Afghan peace process.
Qureshi underscored that securing peace in Afghanistan was the shared responsibility of all stakeholders inside Afghanistan as well as key regional and international players.

The foreign minister said it was imperative for all relevant stakeholders to press all Afghan parties to engage constructively towards achieving an inclusive, broad-based and comprehensive political settlement. For its part, Pakistan will remain a reliable partner for peace in Afghanistan, he added.

US State Department Spokesman Ned Price, in a statement in Washington, said the two leaders “underscored the shared desire for a stable and sustainable bilateral relationship.”
“The Secretary and the Foreign Minister discussed the importance of continued US-Pakistan

cooperation on the Afghanistan peace process following the visit to the United States by Afghan President (Ashraf) Ghani and Chairman (Abdullah) Abdullah.”

Blinken’ call followed President Joe Biden’s important address to the nation Thursday in which he defended his decision to withdraw the US troops from Afghanistan, despite the Taliban’s rapid territorial gains in recent weeks.

In a White House address, Biden said all combat troops would leave Afghanistan by August 31, even earlier than the September 11 deadline he set back in April.

On Wednesday, at the State Department regular press briefing , Spokesman Ned Price called Pakistan “an important partner” in various fronts and said both the countries had shared interests in peace and stability in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan has been helpful in – recently when it comes to this shared interest. Our shared interests go well beyond that: broader counterterrorism interests as well, not to mention the people-to-people ties that unite our two countries,” the spokesman said in response to a question at the daily news briefing.

The United States, he said, was going to work very closely to ensure that Afghanistan’s neighbours play a constructive role in promoting a peaceful settlement.

Also on Wednesday at an event at the United States Institute for Peace (USIP), Pakistani Ambassador to the United States that Pakistan, Asad Majeed Khan, had facilitated the Afghan peace process and that an inclusive political settlement in the war-torn country would best serve Washington-Islamabad shared security interests in the region.

In his remarks on Friday, Spokesman Ned Price also said that Secretary Blinken and Foreign Minister Qureshi also highlighted joint efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, including the United States’ 2.5 million Moderna vaccines.

The two sides also exchanged views on regional connectivity and other key issues.

Surge in violence in Afghanistan as Taliban invite Afghan leaders to Doha

The Afghan government delegation and the Taliban held talks in Iran, according to which the Taliban will sign a memorandum of understanding with Afghan politicians. Sohail Shaheen, a key member of the Taliban’s negotiating team, said key Afghan politicians, including Abdullah Abdullah, should come to Doha and take part in the intra-Afghan talks. As soon as the US withdrawal began, the Afghan Taliban began occupying large parts of the country.

Compared to the past, the Taliban have changed their military strategy. As a result, Afghan Taliban delegations have been seen negotiating with neighboring countries to assure them that Afghan territory will not be used against anyone. That is why, unlike in the past, Iran has sent a message to its supporters to refrain from any resistance against the Taliban.

There are currently 3 million Afghan refugees in Iran. Like Pakistan, Iran is the second home of Afghans. The Iranian foreign minister has made every effort to bring the parties to the table because without it, the return of 3 million refugees is impossible. If the situation worsens, the number of refugees is expected to increase.

Unlike Pakistan, Iran restricted Afghan refugees to one area, which prevented them from spreading across Iran, while in Pakistan they were allowed to leave the camps and spread across the country, so that Afghans settled in every city. Just a day ago, Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed revealed that 30,000 to 40,000 people have entered Pakistan these days, but there is no information about where they have gone.

Therefore, if Pakistan adopts the same policy of the past regarding refugees, then once again refugees will spread across the country and we will face the same difficulties as in the past. Therefore, like Iran, we should work with Taliban delegations to create a mechanism for the return of refugees so that we can avoid difficulties. The Taliban delegation in Iran is currently led by Sher Muhammad Abbas Stangzai, while former Afghan Vice President Younis Qanuni is representing the Afghan government. In this meeting, the parties will openly answer each other’s questions. After which a memorandum of understanding is also expected to be signed. Ironically, on the one hand, the Ghani government has sent a negotiating delegation to Iran. On the other hand, Ashraf Ghani in his address to the cabinet meeting said that he would not surrender. It is clear that Ashraf Ghani is leading Afghanistan to instability.

If Afghan factions can go to Tehran, why don’t they go to Doha and thank each other for the wider national interest. In fact, Ashraf Ghani and his allies are convinced that the Taliban will not give them a share of power.  If they continue to resist, then not only they will continue to receive financial support from the outside world, but many tribes will side with them. Thus, the Kabul government will remain with them, but they are forgetting that the Taliban with the speed with which they are conquering remote areas of the country, they will attack Kabul in due course. The Afghan Taliban are currently only a few kilometers from Kabul. After consolidating control over the borders, they will not only fly the flag over Kabul, but also bring their own system of Qur’an and Sunnah. The Taliban have proved in the past that the Islamic government is the guarantor of peace and prosperity in Afghanistan. The decree eliminated crime, theft, robbery, drugs and warlordism. The Afghan people, who carry weapons as ornaments, took off their ornaments. An ideal peace was established in Afghanistan after that. This government did not turn a blind eye to the West and the United Nations because after the success of this system, all other systems were considered a failure. For this reason, the United States has used Afghanistan as a pretext to play brick by brick with 9/11. Ashraf Ghani, Hamid Karzai and tribal chiefs should start Doha talks immediately if they really want the country and the nation, delaying it is detrimental to the Ghani government itself because if the Taliban conquers the whole country Then at the negotiating table they will be in a position to agree. Then the rich government will not be able to do anything. Therefore, they should leave unwarranted stubbornness and participate in the talks themselves so that Afghanistan can be saved from further destruction.

Governor Model School & College Bajaur: A pure example of corruption, nepotism and favoritism

The Government of Pakistan claims that they are providing free education to children in government schools and colleges. The government always urges people to bring their children to schools and educate them.  They are also claiming that they are trying to make education easier, but these are just claims.  Prior to the merger, they had made a promise with  FATA students that they would arrange new scholarships for them. They would build new schools and colleges them, but they were all in vain.  Now they are creating obstacles in the way of their quest for equipping themselves with quality education.  A recent example is the Governor Model School and College administration.

 First of all, I would like to explain a little bit about Governor’s model school and college that its construction was started under the private ownership to spread education in this region.

 After that when Engineer Shaukatullah Khan was appointed as the governor of KPK, he has regularized the institution and this institution became a government entity. They also built a new building for it and according to some estimates, Rs 200 million was spent on its constructions. The entire staff was regularized by the government and they were paid from public exchequer . The government provided them every facility.

Now questions are being raised that if salaries are being paid by the government then why the students will pay this fee?  Who is controlling this fund and where it is going?

Recently, due to the closure of the educational institution, the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the High Court had issued an order to the owners of a private school that they would not charge fees from the children during Corona holidays.  Now the Governor Model  School and College Bajaur is a government institution but still they are collecting full time fees and they are not giving any relief to the students. Being a government institution and closed on government decision then why they are collecting fees from the students with a big burden. Parents are  puzzled  that then why are we paying taxes to the government of Pakistan. Interesting fact is that here the private educational institution gave a great relief to students as they remitted fees,  but it is government entity but still they collecting full time fees promotion and funds.

Now the people of Bajaur have demanded from the elected officials of Bajaur, including senior officials, parliamentarians, senators and other anti-corruption bodies that the Governor Model School, which is now a government institution, and its staff are receiving salaries from the public exchequer then why the fees were demanded from these children.

 The second is that since year 2013 till now the collected amount nearly  Rs.900 million.  All the money has been taken from the people of Bajaur after its construction they should be accounted for this who are controlling this fund.

Contributed by Muhammad Kamran, who has remained a student of Governor Model School and College and now he is a student of BS English in Postgraduate College, Khar.

Pakistan: Cabinet exempts state-owned entities from ‘transparency rules’

The federal cabinet has amended the procurement rules to allow the government to award contracts to the state-owned enterprises without floating public tenders, which may compromise transparency in public sector deals.

The federal government notified the amended Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules on June 29 after approval from the cabinet, according to the notification.

According to the amended rule 42 (f), “A procuring agency may engage in direct contracting with state-owned entities such as professional, autonomous or semi-autonomous organizations or bodies of the federal or provincial governments for the procurement of such works and services, including consultancy services, which are time-sensitive and in the public interest”.

Only time-sensitive cases are allowed exemption, Managing Director of the PPRA Rizwan Malik said, adding that these cases would also be subjected to four major conditions to ensure efficiency and transparency.

He said the government bodies that would get contracts without competition would not be allowed to subcontract the work.

Sources said the major beneficiaries of this key amendment would be entities such as the National Logistic Cell, Frontier Works Organization and NESPAK.

The amendments were introduced after several government entities sought exemptions from the PPRA rules in the name of national security and defence.

However, the government has not yet been able to waive off violations of the PPRA rules in the case of Rs17 billion Kartarpur projects that had been awarded in violation of the PPRA rules.

But the rules allow direct contacts between the government entities on the conditions that the organisation or the body is eligible to perform the services and accomplishes the work including consultancy services, exclusively through its own resources without involving the private sector as a partner or in the form of a joint venture or as a sub-contractor.

In case there are more than one organisations or body eligible to perform the works or render the services, the procuring agency shall hold competition amongst them through limited tendering (notifications) without any advertisements. However, they will be allowed a reasonable time for the submission of their applications or proposals, according to the third condition for awarding a direct contract.

The procuring agency would devise a mechanism for determining price reasonability to ensure that the prices offered by the state-owned entities are reasonable for the award of the contract, according to the amended rules.

Malik said that the government has also set a spending limit under the force account to Rs200 million to provide more flexibility in spending to the government organization. The force account is defined as the execution of the small works and non-consultancy services through direct contracting with any state-owned entity.

In addition, according to the amendments, the procuring agency may use force account if the value of procurement does not exceed Rs200 million, subject to the conditions that the required works are small, scattered or remotely located for which qualified construction firms are unlikely to bid at reasonable prices; work is required to be carried out without disrupting ongoing operations; and urgent repairs, rehabilitation and remodelling works of national heritage requiring prompt attention to prevent further damages.

The amendments in the PPRA rules are part of conditions set for $400 million loan by the World Bank.

In the past year, about 23 major amendments have been introduced in the PPRA rules of 2004, the managing director said.

The managing director stressed that objective of bringing these amendments is to relax theconditions of doing business and bringing efficiency and transparency in public procurements.

The sources said that the new parameters are also aimed at ending fraudulent and corrupt practices that plague the public procurement systems and are generally accepted. The corruption is so enormous that the contractors are now becoming members of the parliament by using black money, sources added.

The MD said maintained that internationally blacklisted companies will also be blacklisted in the country “but a chance will also be given to public sector companies for review petition”.

The procuring agency will be required to devise a comprehensive mechanism for blacklisting and debarment of bidders for a specified time. The bidders will be disqualified for 10 years on corrupt and fraudulent practices. If the bidder fails to execute the contract, he will be disqualified for three years.

The government’s definition of the blacklisted company says: “Blacklisted means a bidder that is declared untrustworthy by the authority after establishing the fact that the bidder was found in any corrupt and fraudulent practices or declared incapable due to its established performance failure during the execution of the contract”.

On coercive practices like harming or giving threats to harm people, on collusive, corrupt and fraudulent practices a bidder can now be disqualified.

After procurements, it will be for the first time that the PPRA rules will also apply to the disposal of the public assets, Rizwan Malik said.

In rules, domestic procurements will be given preference while a standard bidding document would be uploaded on the website.

A bidder that is barred by one entity will be considered debarred by all the public sector procuring agencies in Pakistan.

The rules have also been amended to make room for timely announcement of the results of the bid.

Based on the procedure adopted for the respective procurement, the procuring agency shall announce the result of bid evaluation, in the form of a final evaluation report giving justification for acceptance or rejection of bids at least 15 days prior to the award of procurement contract: Provided that in the case where a technical proposal is to be evaluated separately, prior to the opening of the financial proposal, the technical evaluation report shall be announced before the opening of the financial proposal.

The government has omitted the rule that allows giving discounts on bids values.

Civil war in Afghanistan again?

The United States is repeating the same mistakes in Afghanistan. Leaving Afghanistan after nearly two decades of war, she wants to push Afghanistan back into the war. Operations are being carried out by India not only in Afghanistan but also in Pakistan to destabilize the country. Pakistan has made many sacrifices for a peaceful world in the last twenty years, but the US inclination towards India out of Afghanistan makes it clear that Pakistan’s sacrifices for world peace have been ignored. Pakistan’s neutrality is hurting the United States. Now, once again, the situation is deteriorating as the United States moves towards violating the agreement. If anything goes wrong, everyone will suffer.

A Pentagon spokesman said a small number of US troops would remain in Afghanistan despite the withdrawal. The withdrawal will be completed by the end of August. In place of General Miller, General Mackenzie will serve as commander of US forces in Afghanistan. According to a Pentagon spokesman, the change in US leadership in Afghanistan, the return of control of Bagram Airbase is a major milestone in the evacuation; the US military in Afghanistan will focus on the security of diplomatic staff and the security of Kabul airport. This US decision is not acceptable to the Afghan Taliban. Violation of the agreement by the United States will lead to tensions between the parties and the United States will try to take advantage of this tension. Pakistan has been repeatedly accused by foreign media of aiding and abetting the Afghan Taliban. The sudden launch of this media campaign is a coincidence. How the world remembers the relationship between the Afghan Taliban and Pakistan. The United States is busy pursuing its own interests by confusing the world and its affairs. Pakistan supports the new government according to the will of the people of Afghanistan. Pakistan does not support any military solution in Afghanistan. Pakistan is aware of what game the US is playing. By diverting the debate through the media, diverting people’s attention and smoothing public opinion, America the Brave will try to complete its action. The United States is doing all this to cover up its failure. However, the fact remains that the failure to rebuild Afghanistan’s infrastructure and other issues during the US presence has also taken a toll on the local population. If the United States agrees again, things will get worse. If the Taliban respond, they will not throw flowers. They will also show strength then it will be the same as it was a few years ago.

Sohail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Taliban’s political office, said in response to a recent statement from US officials that they would retaliate if the Doha agreement was violated. All foreign troops must leave Afghanistan by a certain date, otherwise they will respond. Foreign forces, including military contractors, should not remain in Afghanistan after the withdrawal is complete. The Taliban leadership will decide how to proceed if the agreement is violated. We are not against embassies, NGOs and those who work in them, we are against foreign military forces.

Pakistan is keeping a close eye on Afghanistan. The government of Pakistan believes that India is the United States and is working together on a plan to spread unrest in Pakistan, which is why the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has described the situation in the region as serious and said that the United States does not understand itself. What will happen next? India is hardly the biggest, India has invested billions of dollars in Afghanistan. The Prime Minister said that if there was instability and Taliban domination, what would happen to Indian investment. The situation in Afghanistan is extremely complex. In these circumstances, Pakistan’s political leaders need to show unity, but this is not happening and perhaps the government also wants to put up a “window”. Because it is not only the opposition that is responsible for improving relations but it is also the responsibility of the government. If the government wants to improve the situation, it will also have to abandon the policy of slandering the PPP and PML-N in public gatherings. ۔ Prime Minister Imran Khan should lead. He should also convene a meeting of the top leaders of his party. He should give this message so that the world does not see division in Pakistan’s political leadership. If there is bloodshed in Afghanistan, if the agreement with the Taliban is not implemented, then the world must be prepared for a new crisis. This time the war will be more destructive and more damaging than before.