Corona and prayers

I felt as if I were present in a very large and fragrant court where only human bodies are visible to the naked eye, standing in the midst of them, weeping for the real Creator, and in a merciful way, from the very beginning, day and night, I am complaining that the humble prayers of millions of fasting people have not been accepted. At the request of the owner of the land for the prayers of Pakistanis in the state of fasting, a gathering of men and women began to shout and protest loudly. When the screaming went beyond the limits, suddenly a glorious voice echoed which seemed to have taken away the power of speech. There was silence for a moment. That majestic and thunderous voice asked: Tell me, which of you prayed for the elimination of Corona from Pakistan? Everyone shouted at him and said, “We all fasted and prayed for forgiveness from the Lord of the worlds.” When these voices became too loud, the thunderous voice again dumbfounded everyone’s tongues and it seemed that we have all become rocks, rocks that can see, can hear but cannot speak, just C can’t even move. This glorious and terrifying unseen voice said: You people are complaining to your Creator and Master that your supplications made while fasting are not accepted? Have any of you ever thought for a moment while praying that as soon as the month of Ramadan begins, God’s creatures will be deprived of all things in the market, including sugar, vegetables, fruits, pulses, spices, flour, soap, medicines and clothes?
Taken, their access to everything was made difficult. By doing so, God’s creatures were handed over to hunger and disease, making life-saving medicines expensive, charging exorbitant fees, thousands of rupees from new expensive medical reports, counterfeit medicines, commissioned development. From projects, from the destruction of institutions like PIA and steel mills, from bribery, occupation and fishing in every corner of the country, earning billions in the name of obscenity and pornography! Billions of dollars obtained in the name of loans for the country from the IMF, the World Bank, various consortiums in the name of the United States, Britain, France, Dubai and Switzerland remittances! Meetings, processions and rallies for them! Vote for those who return to Pakistan which has been achieved in the name of Islam! Those who plunder the treasures of God’s poor creatures and starve millions of people! Do you think that your prayers will be answered before Allah? The Creator of two worlds, of course, listens to the prayers of all but the one who has a morsel of haraam food in his stomach, who has usurped the rights of the people, who is ruining the lives of the people. If you look at the work of all of you as a whole, the situation is very sad and out of place, but His mercy always prevails over your situation.
This terrified voice said to the people standing on one side, “You have always eaten the wealth of the poor, ruined the lives of the neighbors, some blocked their water, some blocked the way, looked at each other’s women wrongly.” He made educational institutions a hotbed of evil, stocked vegetables and fruits before the month of Ramadan, and sold them at four times the price by adding his own bad goods to the stocked fruits and vegetables on the arrival of Ramadan. Weighs and scales are second to none in weighing and measuring less. Your petrol pumps have become famous for poor petrol and low scales. Tell me, may God accept the prayers of such people? Remove temptation from people who have not yet made up their minds to change? You have made yourself worthy of his wrath by writing new dates on expired medicines and food for children and the elderly. No favors will be given to those who mix milk in every food item including ghee, pepper, spices, tea leaves, and those who sell milk mixed with powder and on the Day of Judgment they will be entertained with Zaqoom trees and boiling water. And which will be their destiny forever and ever.
Then the voice addressed the people sitting in the middle and said: “Those who show the first class of cheap goods, those who sell a thing for ten rupees for fifty rupees, these are the employees of lower and middle level hospitals, who are patients.” And they return to their families with both hands. Should their prayers be accepted? Should mercy be showered on them? Behind them are the government officials who harass the people, who make life miserable for the poor, who do not allow any work to be done without bribes and commissions, and who make all sorts of tricks to raise money. Contractors who use flawless materials, bus company owners, patwaris of the finance department, tehsildars, bribe-taking officers, high-ranking officials who always mocked God’s commands, annoyed His creatures all the time, murderers Innocent made murderers, backed by thugs and occupation groups, who gave protocol to those who violated the dignity of innocent children, it is better not to accept the prayers of such people.
Politicians, big businessmen, industrialists and landlords sitting on the left in expensive cars, helicopters and planes were told that you have never asked for any prayers, you just want to make your goods more expensive and import and export quotas. And after a reduction in duties and concessions, he wished for a seat of power for himself and his children. You have forgotten the Hereafter in the greed of this world. You have been so happy in this world that you have forgotten that one day you too will have to appear in the court of God. Your destiny is also the wrath of God and His glory. This time the thunder was getting louder and louder, while the atmosphere was getting louder. I, who had become the voice of all of them, the Creator of the world, from whom I was praying and supplicating, now stood aside, ashamed of my own sins and the sins of my people. Seeing this whole scene, I fell in prostration and prayed to Allah, the Exalted, for His mercy and compassion, and at the same time my eyes were opened.
Even though I had woken up, every single scene of this dream was still fresh in my eyes. At the same time, the recitation of verses 28 and 29 of Surah Al-Jathiya of the Holy Qur’an was aired on TV in which Allah Almighty says: Will be called to come and see his book of deeds. It will be said to them: Today you will be recompensed for what you used to do in this world. This is a record of deeds which We have prepared for you, which bears witness against you. Even you (in the world) used to say, ‘We were writing it down.’

Distribution not exploitation

The BBC conducted an international survey in the last years of the last century to find out who was the most influential thinker of the millennium from 1001 to 2000. At that time, a clear majority in response named Karl Marx, the founder of modern communism, even though this was the time when the communist superpower in the world, the Soviet Union, had collapsed and was divided into 15 states. The survey was conducted not only in pro-capitalist countries, but also in Britain, the United States and France, as well as in countries that continued to support the monarchy in Russia and the White Bolshevik, an anti-communist revolutionary group. The results of the BBC survey were published in favor of Karl Marx. This was the time when Francis Fukuyama, a Japanese-American scholar, wrote the book End of History in an attempt to prove that only Western-style capitalist democracy is the last system in the world, that is, now political and economic ideologies. Although this system has been in use in the world for almost the last one and a half to two centuries, one aspect of this system weakens all its virtues, and that is the unequal distribution of wealth! Only one percent of the world’s people currently own 81 percent of the world’s wealth. The darker side of this tragedy is that inequality and exploitation are on the rise.

It has been mentioned before that the rich man’s pet dogs consume high quality and expensive food on a daily basis which the only child of the poor cannot eat even on the occasion of a special festival. While people liked the style of expression, they also expressed surprise at this bitter reality. However, this can be proved in a very simple way. You can go to a big store in the city and ask for dog and cat food. You will find an entire section on imported cans of animal feed and you can get a good idea of ​​the fact by looking at their price. It doesn’t end there. You will find dozens of pet treatment clinics in cities like Lahore and Peshawar if you visit these clinics, you will be amazed that the condition of these clinics, human treatment. Now if you look at the price of these animals, you come to realize that the price of high breed dogs is more than one million per person. In addition, there is the registration of these animals, which is organized by the people who keep these animals. If your pet is not registered, that is, it is not copied like a car, then the price of this pet will be lower in the market. These pets are also vaccinated with three to four vaccines at a cost of Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000. Since some high breed dogs are imported from cold countries, air coolers or air conditioners are provided for them separately in Pakistan during the summer season, as well as employees are kept for their care. These employees get to eat the same lentils and vegetables but these cats and dogs do not eat these vegetables etc. This means that these animals are completely non-vegetarian. Even in the winter season, special warm clothes or special leather clothing are made for these dogs.

Coming back to Karl Marx’s communism, he writes in his writings and book Das Kapital that the history of the world is in fact only economic history, meaning that the economy is the basis of all spheres of life. First in the world there was a division of master and slave, after the agrarian revolution this division turned into feudal lords and peasants, the wheel of time kept turning and the industrial revolution came. In economic production, this distribution did not increase, but multiplied. The train of wealth began, but the concentration of wealth remained in the hands of a few, while in the class division the feudal lord was replaced by the capitalist and the peasant by the laborer. He calls it Shapes changed but not the conditions, meaning the form of societies changes. Instead of master and slave, landlords and peasants came, then these landlords and peasants became capitalists and laborers, but the difference between rich and poor. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. In fact, this working class, this oppressed class, has no sense of exploitation. According to Karl Marx, “When these workers realize, they will carry out a revolution and take over the lands and machines, which will make all human beings economically equal.” In his view, complete economic equality is not possible because the salary of an educated doctor or engineer and a laborer cannot be equal, but the right of all human beings to bread, clothing and shelter is possible anyway. Socialists describe it in such a way that the distribution of resources is not equal, but fair.

Now imagine for yourself what will happen to the rest of the people when only one percent of the people take over 80 percent of the resources and take possession of them. Some thinkers say that this unfair distribution of resources is not a contradiction but a contradiction and in such a society the poor become lifeless while the rich become vain. If you find the word vahiyat harsh, you will find its description at the wedding of a billionaire or at one of his daily ceremonies in which not only money is being used recklessly. On the contrary, in this ceremony, the dancer comes and dances herself, whose picture is placed in the calendar of the poor man’s house and on which he keeps track of the days of his never-changing destiny.

Bitter questions of laborers

The Industrial Revolution began in the late eighteenth century and soon spread throughout the world. The capitalists set up factories and began to try to increase production capacity, make money and outdo each other. When the atmosphere of competition was created, factories and factories started operating in double shifts, but in these factories, along with fuel, the blood and sweat of the workers also started burning. The helpless flesh-and-blood man screamed at this horrible exploitation. They began to raise their voices for their rights, and in the 1880s there were parades, marches, and protests by workers demanding eight hours of work, which laid the foundation for Labor Day. Trade unions, trade unions and other socialist organizations insisted on eight hours of work in the factories but did not listen to the ruthless capitalists. Did On May 3, a workers’ protest rally in Chicago was attacked, killing four workers and injuring more than 70. Hey workers gathered in Market Square to protest against the brutal police violence on the demonstrators to prevent them. Meanwhile, a bomb blast killed a police officer and opened fire on protesters, killing scores of workers and injuring hundreds. On this occasion, the capitalists arrested the labor leaders and hanged them, although no evidence was found against them. However, by sacrificing his life for the labor movement, he made clear the guilt of the capitalist system. The leaders said, “You can kill us physically, but you can’t silence us.” And this proved to be true word for word, because the sacrifice was not in vain and the workers’ working hours were finally fixed at eight hours.

The tragedy is that despite these working hours, labor problems have not really diminished. There is a day in the whole year when we talk about labor rights, pictures of workers with lonely eyes and depressed faces are shared on social media, various posters and pictures regarding May 1 are seen on WhatsApp status. They come and then the TV channels also find a suitable place for the workers. Unfortunately, the concept of labor is very limited in our minds. In fact, this is the class whose life is surrounded by small problems. When a laborer returns home with a few hundred rupees he has earned by working all day, there are no signs of fatigue on his face, but he is overjoyed. Meals have been arranged and her children will not have to starve today. The laborer does not get tired on the day when he manages to earn a living by shedding several liters of sweat after hard work, but he gets tired when his day goes by waiting for labor. The evening he had to return home empty-handed was no less than a resurrection. People who receive a monthly salary usually buy rations at the beginning of the month and then get rid of this worry for the whole month, but the life of a laborer is not so comfortable because he eats daily necessities on a daily basis. On the day when a laborer steps on the doorstep of a house without pay, countless quarrels run through his mind. It is not easy for a father to bear the hunger of his children. A wheelbarrow that fails to sell vegetables by evening drops the rate in the evening and descends on the mantas. He considers it a spoil to earn enough money to save his wife and children from starvation. In the same way, we have domestic servants who flatter us for our leftover food, old clothes and shoes, and we turn away from them by calling them greedy, even if we have to give something. May our descendants also be grateful to us? If an employee talks about advance pay, we are surprised to ask that you have squandered “all the money” so quickly that now more money is needed. And the day the housemaid takes leave is the hardest day of Begum’s life.

The Holy Hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is “The wages of a worker should be paid before his sweat dries” but the factory owners do not pay the wages even after drying the blood of the worker. While eating bread in our homes, we never mention the farmer who worked day and night to protect the crop, faced all sorts of problems, how the unseasonal rains shook his heart and then when the crop was ripe when it was ready, how could he entertain himself with less than hard work. The meaning of halal sustenance is to ask the farmer whose sweat is dripping blood from his body. When Ehsan Danish, known to the world as the Poet of Labor, was invited as a special guest at the Punjab University, he surprised the students by saying that his blood and sweat were also on the walls of the hall. “I worked all day at the oxen’s place, fetching water, washing bricks and studying in the evenings.”

David Beasley, executive director of the World Food Program, has warned the world that the catastrophic effects of corona are forcing the world’s 1.82 billion poor people to go to bed without dinner and that this number must increase.

Understanding, purpose and life

Scholars say that life is what is lived with the senses. Man must know very well why he was sent into this world and how to live. Purpose and spirituality are very important in the life of those who have full faith in religious teachings. They believe that there is a superior being who created us and is watching over us. Good deeds will be rewarded and bad deeds will be punished. And if one does not follow any religion and does not believe that there is a superior entity that runs the system of the universe, then one must still adhere to a theory of life that explains the purpose of life.

There are millions of people in the world who do not follow any religion and do not believe in the existence of a superior entity but believe in keeping their existence on earth with a clear purpose and also striving to bring maximum benefit to the people. The most important factor in raising the standard of living is understanding. Understanding means understanding who we are, why we are here, what to take from here. This world is not eternal for anyone, but what we think and do here will determine what will and will not happen to us in eternal life. All the colors of the world mean something to us only when it is decided that we will live or are living for a purpose. We cannot enhance the beauty of life unless we have a clear purpose. In order to make life truly meaningful, one must try to understand this world. It is the understanding of life that guides us to the destination. Is it possible to understand the world? This question has been pondered by scholars for centuries. Scholars have thought and written a lot to keep everyone aware of the reality of the world. In this regard, intellectuals have been running horses of ideas and ideas in the field of mind. The fruits of centuries of mental effort are before us today. We can read a lot, think based on what we have read. An entire department is there to guide us. This is the field of personal evolution. The department is tasked with keeping the common man aware of the realities of life and enabling him to think. The main aim of writers on the subject of personal evolution is to make man understand himself, his environment and his connection with the environment. This is the destination of understanding. Only an understanding of the environment enables a person to do something. We cannot live in harmony with what is happening in our environment. Only an understanding of the environment enables us to choose a clear path for ourselves and decide to do something. It is necessary to go through this stage to move towards a standard of living. The real beauty of life lies in the fact that we should try to understand this world, take it seriously, if we succeed in understanding the world, we should set goals for ourselves as well as set a plan of action.

Scholars have been advising every human being not to live without thinking. The fact is that only by thinking and understanding can a person be able to fulfill his right to life. We have not been given the blessing of life in order to live without understanding the world and the times and to cause trouble to others along with us. We cannot choose a clear path for ourselves unless we try to understand the world.

Life lived with understanding is not directionless. When one thinks consciously, chooses a path for oneself, one has a good idea of ​​what the destination is, how it is and where it is. In determining both the path and the destination, man knows well what to do when and what to avoid. Man has been given a mind by Allah so that he can use wisdom in all his important matters and take such measures which will make life easier and avoid unnecessary troubles. Living carelessly means sacrificing your affairs for the better. If no big goal is set, there is a clear gap in life. In such a situation man lives but he cannot be called life in the true sense. The being who has given us existence has also taught us the manners of living properly. This is because even if a person thinks a lot on his own, he is not able to plan to the level that is necessary. In such a case, in the light of the instructions received from the Creator of the universe, a plan of action can be prepared which will be helpful in keeping things in balance. If you look at the living conditions of any successful person, you will find that he has never considered the option of living without thinking. Life is not a matter of any level without the option of thinking about it and going through the planning stage. Even a mediocre life requires some level of understanding and planning. Understanding is necessary not only to rise above the lower level but also to live properly on the lower level. Understanding will also make it possible to plan for a better life.

In today’s world, every human being is at a very dangerous juncture. Mental confusion is noticeable. The world is changing so fast that those who live unnoticed are left far behind. Changes around the world also affect our environment. As a result, we also get confused and this confusion is on a mental level. Negative effects on the intellectual structure are rapidly formed. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Those who are very busy are thirsty for leisure and those who have leisure are wasting their time just worrying instead of thinking of something good. This dilemma is a matter of life and death for many. They do not try to understand the world, nor do they bother to consider the meaning of their existence. If you look at the lives of such people, you will find that at no stage did they prefer to live through serious thinking and planning. They also suffer the consequences, but are still reluctant to change their ways. So much so that a strong habit hardly dies. The things we make a habit of are sucking our blood to the point of death, confusing us, but still we don’t have enough to get rid of them. It is not possible to set a goal until we have reached the point of understanding. A good effort to understand the world also makes us aware of our potential, that is, we get an idea of ​​what we are and what we can do. This paves the way for living life in a more meaningful way. Today’s world repeatedly demands that we engage in the process of thinking, and this is perfectly natural because everything is changing so rapidly. In any case, the option of not thinking cannot be taken.

From human to humane

In the last few years, the notion of animal rights has gained more traction in Pakistan and people have become more and more vocal about defending their rights. Social media has also given many people the platform to raise awareness about this and gain more and more sympathisers for this cause.

Gruesome pictures have also surfaced of street dogs brutally murdered during culling sprees by government organisations, which have also served to add more fuel to the fire. However, a large section of the population still remains apathetic to the misery of suffering animals. Add to that, the number of stray dogs on the street continues to grow and with that, the number of incidents of canine bites. According to data released by the Sindh Health Department, 150,000 dog-bite cases were registered across the province between 1st January and 30th September, 2020. Karachi alone saw the highest numbers, with 17,800 cases.

Talking about the concerns people share with the increasing cases of dog bites and their safety, founder of the animal rescue organisation ACF Ayesha Chundrigar said, all the concerns which people raise are valid but to the solution isn’t poisoning or shooting them but rather coming up with enforceable long term practices to put a stop to growing numbers and as well as practice better solutions.

“The anger a human has and faces when a dog bites or when someone from his family and friends has been bitten by a dog, the ferocity is understandable. Also, when innocent children are attacked the sentiments are not wrong because people need to move out freely and fearlessly from dogs and humans shouldn’t be scared to step out,” she said. “People think I am against humans but I am not. I am also a human and how can I be against my own race?”

Sharing what can be done other than killing the dogs she said that if there is any aggressive dog in any area mostly it’s like an alpha male who leads the pack of dogs and it’s very easy for organisations like theirs to recognise them and remove them from the area in their animal shelter. “That is how the other dogs also settle down because dogs are territorial species and they own their streets but as soon as the leader of the pack is rescued and moved, the others are left with no power,” she said. “The other aggressive dogs, which harm people are mothers who have their babies with them and they, for the sake of survival, attack people as they can’t differ who is their friend and who is not. Most dog mothers assume everyone coming close to them is trying to harm their puppies and that’s when they attack,” the animal rights activist explained.

People need to accept that a dog or any other animal only attacks when he or she is scared. “It is a very common sight that a dog is just lying by the street and kids pelt stones on him. People kick him because the dog is passing by and such acts scare them and then they can’t differ between the ones who hurt them and who is innocent,” she said.

Non-practical approach

With many myths and false information surrounding animals and their rights, the perception is being built by past cases and how media reports that rabies is very common in dogs but in reality, that is not the case, it is especially uncommon in urban areas. “It is a misunderstanding as rabies is mostly found in rural areas and even the dogs carrying rabies die within four to five days so contrary to the reports, the numbers of dogs carrying rabies is not very high,” she said.

Killing of animals is the solution to the problem and poisoning or shooting them will decrease the number of dog bite incidents – are profoundly incorrect practices that we have been following for decades. Not only has that not led to the eradication of existing number of dogs, those who escape these inhumane attempts chalked up as solutions, end of being more fearful and aggressive because they know their lives are at risk.

This has resulted in not-for-profit organisations having to resort to a coming up with a long-term solution to this problem that the government has been failing to resolve. “Poisoning and shooting them is a short-term solution as it is not helping to control this issue. Nurturing and vaccinating dogs is a long-term solution, which if done properly, will start producing results in seven to eight months. However, for that process to be successful, people have to be a bit patient.”

Fight for survival

Talking about how dogs react and attack, she said that like every other living being they also think of survival and when they see the world as a fight or survival of the fittest place, than they reproduce more and more to sustain their species. To start with the solution to the problem is to pick up aggressive dogs and neuter the alpha males so that the reproduction can be controlled. “The ones who are left from their pack can be good guard dogs. If we provide them with leftover food and water from our houses, they can be loyal guardians of the neighbourhood,” she added.

Clearing the misconception and how a certain mindset has been formed, she said that it’s not that organisations don’t work [to create awareness] but social media, and even sometimes mainstream media, portrays these strays as ferocious beasts and only their killing and rescuing makes headlines, which is sends the wrong message and then as a result, orgnanisations who are trying to help them are considered as people who hate humankind.

More than dogs and cats

Other than dogs, the domestically confessed animals and their way for transportation is another level of suffering. For example, donkeys are used as a means of transport and the abuse they go suffer is dreadful. Donkeys don’t even bite or exhibit aggressive behaviour but still face beating and traumatising conditions. “Carrying tons of weight on their small backs, getting beaten for walking slow and recieving zero sympathy from their owners, are all common mistreatments that majority of these animals suffer from daily. Even for them, there is no support from any authority. The most important thing, which is needed for animals is care and education in humans so they can learn to be empathetic towards animals who are harmless,” said Chundrigar.

Other than dogs and donkeys, animals which are used for feeding such as goats, cows, chicken, and even birds – the way they are transported from one place to another in small cages squeezed and tied together, is a traumatising site. Pointing out the problematic system of transportation for animals Chundrigar said that the impact of sudden breaks, the quality of those vehicles, bumpy roads and such long routes without food and water stresses these poor animals out and creates fear amongst them, which why most of them try to run away and get scared as soon as they reach their destination.

As far as the food intake of all these animals is concerned, all they eat is garbage and plastic and as humans eat them, we humans end up consuming that as well and that is one of the reasons why humans suffer from increased anxiety and hormonal issues. “Humans need to realise that animals are a vital part of our lives if not for them at least for ourselves. We should take care of them as we eat them and it’s affects our own well-being too,” she explained.

Exotic fascinations

The issues of humans are not only with dogs or any livestock but also with wild life animals, which they want to pet and keep in their houses in bizarre situations just to show off to people. Similarly, innocent animals are taken away from their natural habitat confined inside zoos like prisoners just for the sake of entertainment of humans.

“When an animal is taken away and put in a cage, they keep questioning their dreadful circumstances and most of them die due to depression,” she said. “Instead of zoos, these animals should be kept in a state similar to their natural habitat which will also allow people or children who want to see them to be able to view them running, playing and enjoying rather than witnessing a bear shaking his head in anger, a lion who can’t run and keeps hitting the walls or a monkey making noises since he feels trapped,” she said.

Speaking about the impact that caging of animals and zoos are having on children in Pakistan, she said that, “By showing this to our children, we as humans are actually exploiting animals and we are giving the same power to our children to disrespect animals as well when they grow up. It is not a big issue for the government but if they try to initiate the idea of large land and sanctuaries, animals will be able to live there freely and people are also going to be to visit them.”

The pet market misery

The other problem is the pet market, which is thriving on the sale of illegally smuggled or stolen animals. Many animals such as monkeys are being sold, which are illegal to sell without proper licensing. “In the last few months, we have confiscated many monkeys and kept them in animal shelters initially as we do not have any sanctuaries for them,” said Assistant Commissioner District South Saddar Sherina Junejo.

Talking about the illegal smuggle she said: “The situation inside the market has been brought under control over the last few months where now when we visit, we see water containers inside the cages and proper food given to animals who are being caged to sell.”

To curb such practices, the department has pasted many flyers across the Saddar area detailing instructions along with complaint numbers and so that people who witness such illegal sales can contact and report the offenders. The assistant commissioner also conducts surprise visits herself to the market to ensure that the rules are bring followed: “We keep going and keep rescuing those animals which are being kept illegally in inhumane conditions.”

Junejo answering how licensing is being exploited in the city mostly, said that many precious birds such as eagles, falcons and others need separate licensing for their sale. “When the department conducts raids and rescues these birds, we keep them for a week or so to ensure that they are not hurt or injured, and as soon as they are healthy, we release them,” she said.

What does the law say?

While animal rights acivists voices may have only risen these past few years, the laws to protect animals have existed for a long time. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animal’s act was formed in 1890 and it clearly states that any form of physical abuse (beating, overdriving, mutilation, blinding or killing in an unnecessarily cruel manner) and negligence (starvation, thirst and overcrowding) will result in penalty but according to Conservator Wildlife Government of Sindh Javed Mahar, noone takes such rules and laws seriously. The law has not been imposed in many years and its violation has only resulted in small fines of Rs 50 at best.

“Animal rights haven’t been taken seriously in the past and it is only recently that they have gained some traction with people and resulted in raising of new questions on the subject,” he said. The provincial government department however, has been working and presenting outcomes such as banning of fights between bears and dogs or circus fights amongst animals. “We have rescued bears all over from the country and shifted them to an international standard sanctuary, which was created in Islamabad. However, the problem is that we do not have sanctuaries for every animal that we rescue,” he said.

With the initiative to resolve the issue of rabies and dog bites, Indus hospital and Getz Pharma have launched a pilot project called Rabies Free Pakistan (RFP). District south has facilitated them by providing space and helping them coordinate with other relevant stakeholders for a Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) intiative, which is an alternate and human solution to killing them. Through the inititative, the dogs are neutered and vaccinated, and after its success in South, other districts are also opting this plan and setting up surgical centres.

Between right and wrong

“There is no definite answer to what side of the animal rights is right and which is wrong but killing any living being is inhumane,” said Head of Infectious Diseases department Indus Hospital Dr Naseem Salahuddin. Adding that what can be done is reducing those aspects which are causing deadly diseases. “Even from the guidelines laid out by WHO, OIE and SEO, it is clear that rabies cannot be controlled through killing of dogs,” she said.

To cope up with these issues, in 2017 the team started with the vaccination and sterilisation of dogs. It was a pilot project to control Animal Birth Control (ABC) and Mass Dog Vaccination (MDV) but due to limited finances the process is slow. “We contacted the then mayor and he assured his full support but the finances released were very limited and after a while the support discontinued and now, we are operating on our own resources,” she shared, adding that if the project could have worked out on a larger scale, then in these four years the situation of the city would have been fully under control and they could have expanded to other cities of the province as well but due to limited finances they only have two teams working. Initially they had planned for 100 teams because the number of dogs is continuously multiplying and even if all of them are vaccinated and neutered, it will take a year for to fully see the outcome of this.

“One of the main reasons for the increase in these dogs is the amount of garbage in the city, if that can be controlled than the dogs won’t have much to eat and they can’t survive as now they get plenty of food, which is why they are strong and healthy to attack more, said Dr Salahuddin, who also serves on the WHO advisory panel for rabies. “The problem cannot be resolved through anger. We can’t down play the anger people have if anyone they know is bitten by a stray dog but then again, the government in this regard needs to take measures and nothing can be achieved by just a few private organisations taking matters into their own hands.”

Pakistan: Grouping against accountability

Accountability, it seems, always belongs to others, personally and professionally. The same thinking prevails in the political arena that it is not only easy to put others in the dock but it is also the closest thing to human nature. There is a tradition of questioning others instead of holding oneself accountable. The reason for this behavior is the thought that we are the cause of what is good and others are the cause of what is bad. The same pattern applies in the business and office world. Junior officers blame their subordinates in front of the boss. The boss’s mistakes are exposed in front of the employees. This leads to a shift in responsibility to others, which in turn leads to a crisis of irresponsibility and performance. Perhaps the best example of this attitude can be seen in the field of politics. Every government comes with an agenda to clean up the system. Former governments are accused of doing nothing. Slogans of impartial accountability are raised. The investigation begins. In the end, practically nothing comes of it. Inquiries are suppressed, opponents are harassed and a few of them are arrested. So when the people of Pakistan see accountability as a sham, they have a clear history of it, because we have examples of this practice in every government in the past, in the name of accountability. Political opponents were silenced and tried to weaken them politically by implicating them in lawsuits. The purpose of this litigation in the name of accountability has never been in the true sense of accountability. Such incidents are common in our history.

The present government had won the elections with the slogan of eradication of corruption and accountability. After completing half of its constitutional term, it too is facing the same suspicion that the previous governments had. The opposition is shouting that accountability is aimed at political revenge. Now, while an investigation is underway against a key leader, the man the opposition used to call the kingmaker of the ruling party, the opposition, the media and analysts are puzzled as to how to blame the government. However, it is a clear fact that accountability has always been a difficult challenge because it is strongly resisted by those who are affected by the process.

Power is addictive, especially for those who are used to it. Pakistan has traditionally had a power-sharing partnership between the two main political parties, the PPP and the PML-N, and the dictators. None of the three partners wanted to lose their authority. They try their best to stay in power but sooner or later they are removed. Those who come to power will claim to expose the looting of those who have left power. There will be some symbolic arrests but real and concrete accountability will not take place because of the deal. That was our routine. When the PTI government came to power, the process of accountability began in earnest, but after a while, the bubble burst and the accused belonging to the government and the opposition were released on bail. His position seemed to carry weight that accountability is in fact a ploy of political revenge. That is why when the Sugar Inquiry report came out and Jahangir Tareen’s name appeared in it, the opposition shouted why Jahangir Tareen was not being charged. Now that he is being indicted, the opposition has been saying for decades why he has not been convicted yet. Like any other government, the current government faces the challenge of protecting its dark horse or appeasing big industrial sponsors. There is a compromise between.

Accountable institutions need their own accountability. Political interference and lack of merit left them hollow. They have no power over powerful factions. Imagine that after the threats of Maryam Nawaz Sharif and Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the accountability body took a step back and failed to investigate them. Institutions such as the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), the Anti-Corruption Establishment and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) have the ability to take timely and effective action against powerful individuals. Can’t cases begin, but they are so delayed that no one lives. The general impression is that justice is not done even by the judiciary. Delay tactics are used and prejudice is maintained.

The biggest obstacle to accountability is not only the powerful faction but also the accused’s partners as government officials, members of the National and Provincial Assemblies and their friends and relatives receive their share of the cake They protect the main culprit because they know that if he is caught, they will all be caught. Thus, it seeks to thwart the accountability process by using tactics such as bribery and blackmail. The most powerful stakeholders against accountability are industrialists with vested interests. They keep complaining that they pay heavy taxes, but they also get huge subsidies.

Death Anniversary of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto: Is it fun to suffer on the cross or not?

The first elected Prime Minister and President of Pakistan, the creator of the first unanimous constitution of Pakistan, the founder of the first Islamic State’s nuclear program, Quaid-e-Awam Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, addressed the state and the people standing in the dock as follows: I have the strength of will and the fact that I am able to face the ordeal because I am a leader. Forget the fact that I have been the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan. Let it be known that I am the leader of the largest party in the country. Forget all these facts but I am a citizen of this country and also a lowly citizen. And I think that justice cannot be denied. I have been accused of being a nominal Muslim. It would be an extraordinary event for an eloquent speaker in an Islamic country to prove that he I think this is the first time in the history of Islamic civilization that a Muslim president, a Muslim leader, a consistent prime minister elected by the Muslim nation will one day find himself in a position to say that he is a Muslim. This is not only a disturbing issue but also a tragic one. You don’t know how much these remarks hurt me. Instead, I would prefer to be hanged and accept the snare. Today, when I am surrounded by the walls of this cramped and historic cell, the whole image of the life I led my people is spread over my mind. Spend in service. In this solitary confinement, I have gone through all my past again. No single person has the right to separate me from the political life of Pakistan. Politics is not the illegal property of a government missionary. Politics is not about turning a thriving society into a barren land. Politics is the soul of life. It is my eternal love for my people. Only the people can break this eternal bond. To me, politics and people are two meanings of the same word. This is a complete and telling truth. No one has the right to sever my spiritual and everlasting relationship with my people. It is an integral part of my heritage. I am part of the dust and fragrances of this country. The tears of the people here are my tears and the beautiful smile on their faces is my own smile. A river can change its course. But I can’t change my ways. My destiny is in the hands of the people. Only the people have the right to test their love and commitment to me. Only time will tell whether my name is included in the list of criminals of the subcontinent or in the list of brave leaders. The people of Pakistan are the best protectors of my name and my dignity and my name will continue to beat in the heart of history. My blood will be red on the faces of the younger generation. Flowers of victory and victory will grow from my grave. God’s people will sing about me and I will be an everlasting part of his stories. “

The role of Socrates in ancient human history is very similar to that of Bhutto. This is how Socrates, the first martyr of truth-telling, confessed his guilt. The Athenians could not find a substitute for Socrates and the people of Pakistan are longing for a charismatic leadership like Bhutto and are still being punished for disrespect. “The people of Pakistan will remember me with their aspirations. I gave them leadership when I was young. The women of Pakistan will always remember me sincerely that I tried to give them freedom. Farmers will remember me fondly for breaking the chains of feudalism. The working class will remember me fondly for making them the owners of nationalized industries. Scholars will appreciate that I have sincerely associated myself with technology and modernity. Minorities will always remember that I treated them honestly. They will remember me anonymously because I gave them land and a house and they will remember me faceless because I recognized them in the slums by giving them property rights. I have not spread class hatred. Yes, but I have certainly raised the awareness of the oppressed masses and struggled for their rights and I will not rest until this sacred goal is achieved. If not in my life. If possible, I will promise my children at the time of their death to fulfill this goal. ”Fulfilling Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s promise, his son, Benazir’s daughter and thousands of Jailas have been martyred and the journey continues.

Malak Naushad will always be remembered

It feels hesitant to write with the name of Malik Nowshad. The heart is unable to believe that he is no longer among us.

Even when the news of his death started circulating, no one confirmed the news. He could have done so because his personality was such that no one was ready to admit that he was called deceased. He was a lively man. He was born in the area of Batai Alizai and he lived his life serving his people. He was the leader of his nation Khali Khel. Everyone respected him.

His words were considered to be the last word. In Khali Khel nation, famous people have passed away and people still remember him with great respect. Malik Haji Sargand After the late Malik Haji Dapur, Malik Haji Nowshad was a person who was considered by all the people as his leader. Malik Nowshad was given a great gift of understanding by the Lord. After his departure, the Khali Khel nation has become an orphan. No one seems to be in the field to take his place. Malik Nowshad was a humble and sociable man but extremely. He was a clean-shaven man. He always wore beautiful clothes. His house and hujra show how polite he was. He was very hospitable. He generously helped the poor. His hujra was for everyone. He used to stay open. No one left his house empty-handed. He was a child with children and an adult with the adult.. He used to talk in such a way that everyone would laugh when he heard it. He used to protest. He would speak straight and truthful and then he would stand on it.

That was the reason why everyone was crying when he heard the news of his death. Bloody scenes were appearing everywhere. Thousands of people attended the funeral Proved that indeed Malik Haji Nowshad was a great personality. Today he is not in us but it seems that he is still in us. May Allah Almighty grant him Paradise. Amen.
Written by Muhammad Jameel Wijdan

Quran – A cure for all illnesses

The last miracle, the book that was brought down on the Prophet (PBUH), the Quran, is not just a guidance for humanity in their lives, it is also a complete cure for everything. A cure for illnesses, a cure for diseases, and indeed a cure for bad hearts and souls. It is THE book that when you read, listen or learn will not only make all your problems disappear but will also heal you,  fix all your ailments and make your life a better life.

But how indeed does the Quran help us heal? When we talk about healing, it could be of 2 kinds; healing of all your physical ailments and healing of your soul. The beauty of the Quran is that it does BOTH! Allah has said in the Quran:

“And We reveal of the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy for believers though it increases the evildoers in naught save ruin.” (Al-Israa’ 17:82)

The above verse talks about the healing of the soul. Allah understands that this perfect world is bound to make us go astray and in order to save our souls from the destruction, it is He who has brought down this amazing book, the Quran that has the power to heal, the Quran that gives the sinner the opportunity to beg for Allah’s mercy, heal themselves, save themselves from ruin and gain paradise.

Allah says in the Quran that reading it and believing in it will also cure all your physical illnesses.  The Quran has the power for the treatment of everything that ails you, be it as small as fever or as large as cancer. Allah says:

“And When I am ill, it is Allah Who cures me”

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) recommended to all his followers that when they are ill they should recite the Quran, blow it into their hands and then rub their hands all over their body. This would get rid of their affliction of all physical diseases. The best surahs to read when a person was suffering from illness was Surah Ikhlas and Surah Falak. Hazrat Ayesha also narrated once that when a close family member of the Prophet would fall ill, he would recite the Quran and blow it over them. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has a tradition that said “There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment.”(Al-Bukhari). And what better cure is there than to read the Quran and embrace the healing hand of the Almighty upon yourself. At numerous places in the Quran Allah has mentioned “honey” as a cure for so many illnesses. If only we but knew!

Hence the power of the Quran reigns supreme in healing and curing, be it physical illnesses or the illness of the soul.  Allah says in the Quran,

“And declare (O Muhammad) Quran is guidance and healing for believers”

The question is do we, as Muslims, embrace the Quran and read it in an attempt to heal? Do we embrace the guidance that it gives to clear our soul and to clean our blood of germs? We are believers and the descendants of the Prophet (PBUH). But do we open our eyes and see the benefits of the the most gracious book of Allah, the Quran?’

Allah has said in the Quran about the Quran:

 “It is for those who believe, a guide and a healing. And as for those who disbelieve, there is heaviness (deafness) in their ears, and it (the Qur’ân) is blindness for them. They are those who are called from a place far away (so they neither listen nor understand).

Let’s make ourselves believers and not be blind and deaf to the miracle of the Quran. Let us read, listen and understand the Quran and truly and for once, heal ourselves. Ameen.

US seeks Pakistan’s help over new ‘Afghan peace plan’

The US special envoy for Afghanistan shared with Pakistan the new strategy of the Biden administration, seeking national elections under the transitional Afghan government, officials said on Monday.

The contours of the new strategy were on top of the agenda when Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad held talks with Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa at the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi. 

Khalilzad was accompanied by General Austin Miller, commander of the US forces in Afghanistan, and other officials while General Qamar was assisted by DG Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt Gen Faiz Hameed, Pakistan special envoy on Afghanistan Muhammad Sadiq and PM Special Assistant on National Security Dr Moeed Yusuf.

Khalilzad’s visit, first under the Biden administration, came against the backdrop of desperate attempts by the US to seek a political end to the war in Afghanistan. Khalilzad flew from Doha where he held talks with the Afghan Taliban.

Earlier, he was in Kabul where he shared the road map developed by the Biden administration to advance the peace process.

Similarly, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin wrote a letter to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, outlining a four-point plan for the Afghan endgame. The plan includes a UN sponsored meeting of foreign ministers of Pakistan, Iran, Russia, US, China and India to adopt a ‘unified approach” on Afghanistan.

The Afghan government was given specific proposals envisaging a new inclusive government leading to comprehensive ceasefire. 

In Rawalpindi, Khalilzad, as per official sources, briefed the Pakistani side about the new proposals.

The statement issued by the military’s media wing, however, provided little insight into the meeting. “Matters of mutual interest, regional security and the ongoing Afghanistan reconciliation process were discussed…. The visiting dignitary greatly appreciated Pakistan’s role in the ongoing peace process,” read the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) official handout.

The US Embassy in Islamabad shared the details in a tweet message.